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Glad that you dropped by my journal. I'm Azuma-chan, a simple bright nerd. I write about my life's events to caputer unforgetable moments and record my progress in learning. Even though it's not locked, you can add me to keep up with my entries. If we have the same interests please add me and I'll add you back right away. Promise! Whether we are alike or not I'll be glad if you answer these questions cause honestly hearing from people is all about fun:

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"The less you give a damn the happier you will be!"
Smile people! Life is way too short to waste on not-worth-it stuff! 
Just go crazy bananas and enjoy yourself

Take care everyone


Reading Challenge: How Far Can I Go?!

I thought 25 books for one year would be a good challenge. But when I couldn't start the actual reading until March, I got a little upset. Then I raced time and tried reading at much books in a month as possible till I finished my challenge in May. And from there I discovered how much I can really read in a year and the number surprised me ...

no title

One hundred books!!! WOW! I couldn't even imagine going that far but when you try you learn new things about yourself I guess. August's challenge of one-book-a-day pushed this number really high. My longest read was Secret of Sarek (700 pages) from Arsene Lupin's series for Maurice Leblanc and the shortest was The Nightingale and the Rose (12 pages) for Wilde Oscar. I finished reading the 100th book in October.

no title
no title

The reading included:
19 books from Supernatural series
6 books from the Special series
9 book from Safari series
3 books from WWW series
All for Ahmad Tawfiq
11 books from Arsene Lupin series
for Maurice Leblanc
And one comic - Young Justice

Taking one step at a time can grow if we keep it up. laralbagoury encouraged me to get back to reading 2 years a go. I thought I'll try something new every time and look where have I came now. The idea is to start with something simple, once I reach that number I keep on going and the new record will be the next year's challenge. I started with 10 books and ended with 25 last year and it was 2017's challenge as well. I'm interested in seeing how can I top that now. Honestly, reading is the best thing that I did this year.
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Bullet Journaling for a Whole Year!

I have to say it was a wonderful experience and I'm really glad that I actually took the decision for trying this. When I first saw it, I thought it was kinda fuss but after reading more and more about it, I did like the idea. Guys! I couldn't make it past the 20th of any month but this time I can proudly say that I finished it till the end of the year. Here are some of my favorite month covers done by me ...

no title no title

no title no title

no title no title

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The best thing about it, is that you can just pick any notebook and any pen then start it from anywhere. I was able to accoplish my goals this way and made notiable results. One of them was the reading challenge (which I'll post in a separate entry). The trackers were great. Speically the waking up and going to sleep. I struggled with sleeping early a lot but now I wake up early and go to sleep -almost- on time. Preparing the spreads don't take that much. I just drawing everything one day then color them in another day and that's it.

It's Here Already!?

When I was checking my e-mail this morning to see if Souq sent me anything regarding my problem, I saw an order is on its way. At first, I thought the issue was solved. The payment was done and now I'll have my item. But my sister disappointed me when she said she actually placed another order last night. Oh Bummer!

•كنت فيها بائعة و بعدين قلبت مشترية. بعد ما رفعوا العمولة و لزموا سعر تحصيل السلع وقفت ابيع في منصتهم بس للامانة اهتمامهم بنا كبائعين كان جدا ممتاز. ونا معاهم عالخط اشرح لهم المشكلة اللي واجهتني و تنحل وحنا لسة نتكلم. اما الان و بعدما كبرت، قلت اهتمامها للمشتركين. شفت عندهم عرض حلو لوحدة تخزين مع شحن مجاني. قلت خلني اخذه بالبطاقة عشان لا يحسبوا خدمة الدفع عند الاستلام. تميت الشراء و بعد التاكيدات انخصم المبلغ بس ما ظهر في سلة المشتريات. قلت ممكن تتاخر بس بعد يوم كامل اضطرت اتواصل معاهم بالايصال و الصور عشان يردوا علي برد مخيب و قالوا لازم اتصال. للمعلومية زمان كان عندهم زي المنتدى نكتب فيه استفساراتنا و يردون بنفس اليوم مو اي كلام لا! مساعدة فعلية. المهم بعد الشد و المد قالوا كمان انتظار. واو على مستوى الخدمة بين البداية و الحاضر و في النهاية كلينا تبن و طلبنا ثاني مع خدمة الدفع عند الاستلام و دفعنا رسومها غصبن عن انوفنا خخخخخ 🤣 المحزن المضحك في الموضوع ان الدفع سوت لي مشكلة بينما الطلب العادي سويتها امس و جاء اليوم 😶

So the credit card thing is still going on but on the other hand
I was surprised when they actually delivered this in the afternoon.
Cash on delivery seems to be faster indeed. Only took 24 hours to get here.

•عرض رائعة جدا جدا جدا 👌🏻انصح به كل شخص عنده اعمال كبيرة زي ملفات الاليستريتور و فوتوشوب مفتوح و ملفات افتر افيكت. زمان شريت وحدة تخزين ٥٠٠ جيجا بايت ب ٣٠٠ و شيء اتوقع و هذا ضعف السعة ١ تيرا بايت و السعر اقل بعد. و الشركة ممتازة حق توشيبا 👍🏻

This is the real deal. 1 TB for 209 SR only with free shipping.
My previous one was 500 GB for 300 something I think.
More space with less price.

•من اساليب كسب الزبون. سوق.كوم عندهم خاصية التقيم اللي يرفع البائع و ياثر على مستواهم في الموقع. هذا اول مرة يجي لي مع الطلب هدية. 🎁 اعرف ناس ما يعتبروا الشيء هدية الا اذا كان قيمته فوق الالف و لو ما يفيده 😓 اما انا بالنسبة اي شيء يعبر عن الذوق و كان نفسي في بسكويت و حصلته 🤗 ...سلعة رائعة + سعر مناسب + شحن مجاني + سرعة التوصيل + هدية = بائع انصح بالتعامل معه 👍🏻

The seller even gave this biscut as a gift. I think it's for rating sake.
I know some people won't consider something a gift unless it's pricey
But I'm fine with anything. And beside, I was wanting some biscuts lately and got it.
Nothing's better than free food. Yay!

This Week

I'd love to write here more often, but the current situation is affecting my mood. Tons of annoying stuff with some negativity that I don't wanna ruin my journal by writing about them. So, I thought I can write weekly instead of abandoning this place altogether.

Credit Card Problem ....
Yeah! I activated that thing again just one month after deactivating it. My sister said she needs it even though I asked her before taking the action. We have our own banks accounts but also use each others. Anyway, I saw an awesome offer for 1 TB Toshiba Hard Disk in for 209 SR only, the shipping was free too. We thought buying it using the credit card would be best since cash on delivery costs 17 SR but that was a mistake I will never do again. The purchase was done and the money was deducted but there was nothing in my (purchased-list). This was the first time I used the card to buy something physical, so I thought maybe it will take time but after a while I knew something was wrong. The problem with these kind of sites is they don't really care much with the customer. I connected them online and showed them the amount they took and explained the problem but they simply just replied that I should call them. Then, they said it will take some time to solve. Apparently, there's a glitch in their paying system which is why everyone uses the cash on delivery option. I remember when the Souq was still in the beginning, they cared for the users sincerely. If I had any problem, I will just call them and it will be solved while I'm still on the phone with them. But now that Amazon bought it, and they made so much success, they don't bother themselves much with our problems. Anyway, I have to follow up with that annoying request now.

•و رغبة في تجربة كلش موجود في قائمتهم حبينا نشوف الناتشوز كيف 🤔 طلع عادي بس مكثرين الجبنة وايد 😵 هي لذيذة بس بحدود 😓 المهم مادري الناس كيف يطلبوا اكثر من هذي حنا ٤ و ما قدرنا نخلصها لحالنا و خليناها لبعدين (ادري بعض الناس تشوف هالحركة عيب بس رمي النعمة عادي و تهون قدام البرستيج و ان كان حكمها حرام!) على اي حال، شطبنا هالاختيار من الطلبات 🚫

We thought of trying everything in the MaestroPizza list and this was our choice yesterday. Nachos. First time and I gotta say that I didn't like it much, it was very salty. I don't know, it always looks yummy in those cooking videos maybe they didn't make it right. However, I am willing to give it another chance if we find it somewhere else.

•في هذا العالم كل الفصائل تعيش مع بعض. الدكتور دوبلر (من فصيلة الكلب) صديق العائلة و مرافق جم في رحلة للاستكشاف يلتقون بكابتن اميليا (من فصيلة القط) و الضابط ارو (من فصيلة الحجر) و يتعرف على بعض الاصدقاء مثل سيلفر (من فصيلة السايبرغ) و بن (من فصيلة الروبوت) و مورف (من فصيلة المتحول) و بعض الاعداء مثل سكروب (من فصيلة الحشرات).في الصور بالترتيب...١. جم يلتقي بمورف اول مرة. مورف عبارة عن كائن متحول الى اي شكل. له صوت العصفور و لهفة\حماس الكلب. انقذه سيلفر من كوكب (بروتوس 1) و من يومه اصبح حيوانه الاليف. اول مرة ظهر في صورة ملعقة في صحن حساء جم...٢. القرصان سيلفر السايبورج. يعني نصفه انسان و النص الثاني آلة. تحول الى هذه الحالة بعدما كان يطارد حلما و اضطر للتخلي عن بعض الاشياء اول ظهور في كابينة الطبخ في السفينة...٣. جم و مورف يلتقون ب(بن) الملاح الحيوي الالكتروني في كوكب الكنز و اللي فقد عقله (حرفيا)

And lastly, it's a break for the books and back to movies this month. Like always, I started with a Disney re-watch. My pick was Treasure Planet. Like OMG people! This is one of my favorites. Space, sailing, adventure, non-human characters. I just don't get how this movie lost and made so little that the sequel got cancelled. Loooove Morph, he is so adorable. 

Reading Challenge: New Record + Top 10 Ranking

Hey guys, what's up?!
Usually I'd say time flies by and how the month ended quickly. But this year, things feel different. I think since June, it's moving slowly as if it's dragging itself never wanting to end. August was kinda long for me, or maybe cause I was busy with a challenge.

•احلى انجاز حق شهر اغسطس تحدي كتاب لكل يوم. و بفضل الله قدرت التزم به لين النهاية مع انه كان صعب شوي من الاسبوع الثالث و قدرت اخلصه بكل فخر. ٣٠ كتاب لهالشهر لحاله و هنا الكتب اللي قريتهم لكل يوم #تحدي_القراءة ...My biggest highlight for this month was the #one_book_a_day challenge 📚which I finished proudly even though it got a bit tiring at the third week 🤤 but I managed to keep it up till the end 💪🏼here are the books I read for each day 📙📘📗📕

Ah! Nothing like a good challenge to make life worth living again. I thought of #one_book_a_day and to start with Ahmad Tawfiq's. He is my favorite and the one I used to read in high school. He's well known with his Supernatural series where I thought I'll pick it up again. I used to read it randomly without follwoing the orders but since some of them followed a timeline, I looked up for the list in wikipedia to be surprised with his works. Turns out he has more than 5 series beside this one. Each of them has more than 50 books. There are also other separate works he writes every year. WOW! How come I never knew this?! Anyway, the challenge went well. It did get a little tiring at the third week and to not get discouraged, I picked up Young Justice comics as a change. The quick read with colorful images charged me again. And finally finished the month with 30 books. How crazy is that?! My last record was 10 books in a month in June and this is the new one. I don't know if I can top 30 now but we'll see.

You guys! I can't believe that I got ranked as the second top reader for this month!!! I mean yeah! I was aiming for the top ten, like the sixth or the seventh but never thought I'll be the second not to mention anything about being the number one top reviewer. Wohoo! The best reviewer thing has to be with people who read the same book as you. Apparently, I don't have any but it's okay.
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How Far I'll Go ~ ♪ ♫ ♬

Hey guys, what's up!?

Nothing happened worth writing about, just posting a little something to keep my journal updating. These days I'm just chilling with comics and movies. And let me tell you that it's very RELAXING. I think I needed this long time ago to keep my mind in peace and do what I love again. Here's my recently favorite song.

Books & Apple

Starting July

I had some odd moments when I woke up.

First, my right eye was acting funny. You know when you rub your eyes hard and start seeig some random colors and stars blinking here and there?! That's what happened with my eye, only I didn't rub it or anything. Usually when it happens, it goes away after 5 - 10 sec. but this time it kept on increasing to the point it got me worried. It was kinda blurry too, when I was about to panic while checking something on my table, it was gone after 10 min. I was scared for a moment there, I don't want any health problems, thank god it was over.

But that wasn't everything, 15 min later I was feeling nauseous. I thought it must be something I ate last night. A headache and fever, all of a sudden I can't stand up so I tried to go back to sleep but you know how it is once you get up. It has a mind of its own. I read a comic and after 3 hours (sleep) decided to come to me. When I woke up again, I felt a lot better. The nauseous was gone but I didn't eat much. Way to start the month, huh?! speaking of starting, it's the time again where I share spreads from my Journal for my plan this month.

•Okay world, here we go 😎#bulletjournal #july #doodle

Guys! I have to tell you, ever since I decided to put caution aside and let imagination take charge I enjoyed Bullet Journal even more. Few mistakes here and there but that's okay. I used just put the tasks one after another and didn't do much. So I looked up in pinterest for more ways to make the best out of journaling and they were amazing. I made weekly spreads and did a 30 day writing challenge (which I really fall in love) and the first one is over already. This is a new journal.
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•And finally my first weekly spread #bulletjournal

And we end it with the weekly spread. I kept it every simple this time and planning to go on like that. In June, decorating a whole page with doodles and stuff took a lot of time. So in July, I'll make the whole page in advance with the simplest way possible. There's no reading list in there. I've decided to give books a little rest and read some comics I got from book fairs. I've been buying them since 2013 and they piled up in the bookshelf without reading, so better get started with them.

June's Favorite

FINALLY! June is going to end!

Oh dear! This month felt so long as if it were a year, not just 30 days! Many things happened between good and bad. This country's new laws were the worst, the whole world is moving forward but here, they are moving backwards! Of course I had to keep myself distracted and reading was my best friend. Speaking of which, here's my favorite for this month ...

•My June favorite 📚💖....مفضلتي لشهر يونيو 📚💖• جزيرة الثلاثين تابوت. • السدادة الكرستالية • دقات الساعة الثمانية

Yes, Arsene Lupin books were all good (except the first one) yet still among the good there are the best. Beside reading, I did a great deal of de-cluttering. I just noticed I'm holding on to things that have no use anymore.
Reading 02

#19 Top Reviewers

Oh dear. This month was crazy. Hardly had any time to sit down and write.

Anyway, this is a short post just to keep this place updated. I'm already checking on my friends list. Was busy with reading and just yesterday finished the challenge for this month one week earlier before June ends. Maurice's gentleman burglar Lupin was an awesome serial. I'm so glad that I picked it up. The last books that I read are ...

1. The Eight Strokes of the Clock - 5 stars
2. The Crystal Stopper - 5 stars
3. The Hollow Needle - 3 stars
Cause I didn't like Sherlocks part, again!
4. The Confessions of Arsene Lupin - 5 stars

When I was updating my last reading, I saw this number in my profile and when I looked it up, I was listed as one of the top 20 reviewers in KSA. I was so surprised! I mean, I read just for fun and to challenge myself but I didn't know I'm actually making a progress with others as well. It's like a competition where I got motivated to keep on going.