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[sticky post] Yo Visitor! Many Welcomes to My Place ♥

Hey there! how's it going?!

Glad that you dropped by my journal. I'm Azuma-chan, a simple bright nerd. I write about my life's events to caputer unforgetable moments and record my progress in learning. Even though it's not locked, you can add me to keep up with my entries. If we have the same interests please add me and I'll add you back right away. Promise! Whether we are alike or not I'll be glad if you answer these questions cause honestly hearing from people is all about fun:

* How did you find your way to my journal?!
* If you're adding me, what is the thing we share in common?! or,
can you mention the thing that got you interested in me?!

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"The less you give a damn the happier you will be!"
Smile people! Life is way too short to waste on not-worth-it stuff! 
Just go crazy bananas and enjoy yourself

Take care everyone

Catching Up with an Old Friend

Getting sluggish again!

Gotta shake up this laziness and do what I said in my last post. Thursday, Z invited for dinner at her place. There, we met N who we haven't seen in a long time ever since she moved from our neighborhood. We talked a lot about the past and present. Man, how things have change. One time, we used to visit each other to watch anime, play pranks and have fun which was around 15 years ago. Now, we are discussing the present and how the situation is unstable like bunch of 50 years old grannies. Haha. It's true though. KSA is having a financial crisis right now. Lots of people lost their jobs, salaries got deducted and others are working with out it. She ended like us, without any job right now and thinking of returning back to her home country.  I find it a hard decision to be honest.

*تسلم الايادي #جمعة_بنات *😊💕😋🎂😄🍰

Spring festival will start from 29 of March and will last for 10 days.
Will be going there on Friday, I just hope it won't rain like these days.


The Mark of Zorro

I should log in here more often for updates. My last post was around 2 weeks ago.
I write in a physical journal but I think writing here is also important since I've had this journal for a long time now.

Last night, I couldn't sleep well. I went to bed at around 2 o'clock, tossed and turned until finally slept after an hour. In the morning, at 6 or 6:30 I heard those annoying energetic noises of kids from the school near us. I think they were doing light exercise or something cause I heard lots of counting and repeating. Then, I went into that status where you sleep and hear what's around you in the same time. I don't know how's that but it is what happened. Had to wake up early at 10 since I'll go with my sister to visit her friend and decided to start the laundry from the morning.

March 21 was mother's day here. We celebrated by having a fight with mom (again) for an hour. Then, made some tea and snacks and chill-laxed. Very typical. I don't know why whenever there's an important event or place to go we must yell and shout. It's normal though, we can go like this for a long time then (like always) after 5 mintues, everything cools down and we act like nothing happened. It just continues inside of us *sigh*

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Just finished this yesterday and it ended in my favorite books for March. The first Zorro I saw was in the anime (Kaiketsu Zorro) I never knew about the book. When I was signing up in goodreads, this book was recommended for me. After finishing the one before this, I was looking what to read next and found this was in my to-read list. I couldn't stop until I was at the very end. Swordsman, old times, secret identity and lots of romance too. It made me love Don Diego even more. (By the way, I had a crush on him when I was little! Lmao! The stupidity of teenage!!!) Now that I read the original story, I'll go and re-watch the anime and see some of its movies. 

Peter Pan & Pollyanna

I really want this crazy weather to end soon. One time I'm sweating from heat and turn the a/c one, then later, wear some wearm cloths cause it's so cold all of a sudden. Still, I don't mind it, I just hope I don't cough much like every season changing time.

Last week, I was able to solve my credit card problem. Can you imagine it was simply just empty?!

Yeah! There was no money in it. That's what happens when they give job to unqualified people. The first lady told me I don't have to pay anything to get the card, not even for activating it. The second one just told me to request a new one rather than solving. When I finally called the main office, a guy answered, he said that my balance is 0 which is why I'm not able to buy anything. This misunderstanding happened cause I thought when I paid for activating, I was filling my balance. I cancelled it through them since I'm not needing it anymore (right now). Plus, I don't have to pay the yearly fee for it. The ladies made me think it was a serious issue but it was just a silly mistake from my side. Glad that it's over now.

*حليب بالتمر كان حلو بس حليب الصويا ما جاز لي ذيك الزود حسيته خفيف حيييل #حليب_السعودية #جنادرية31
*فن الخط العربي *ذكرى من مصر زمان #جنادرية31

Since I couldn't go to Janadriyah early this year, I thought I'll go there on the last day. Appearantly it was a bad idea cause everyone were thinking the same way. The road was so crowded and we reached there late. It was freezing cold, I was so glad that I didn't go when it was raining, probably was even worse back then. We couldn't stay there long cause lots of sections closed early and they ended already. Still, I got few gifts as souvenirs for the festival. That brown triangle thingie is a modern Arabian Mibkharah (censer?) and below is a calligrapher writing our names in Arabic calligraphy - from top to bottom: my sister, me and our friend.

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It's back to stretching this month.

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And lastly, here are my 3 favorite songs these days .....
Who Says - Selena Gomez
Hands Song - Macy Gray
Zalimaa - Arijit & Harshdeep

Stuck In The Airport

Warning: long post!
What Happened the Other DayCollapse )

I was going to write more about other stuff that's going on but this post is long already.
So, I will keep it for tomorrow.


Hey guys,

Will be away for like 15 - 20 days. I'll take a break from livejournal and internet in general.
Sorry in advance, for noting being able to interact with you in this period.

Take care everyone.

Just Another Day

*هالشمعة كانت هدية من ابلة وفاء الغفيص من 11 سنة و امس لما انطفى الكهرباء فجاءة ولعناها. الله يضوي حياتها زي ما اضاءت حياتنا 😊🔦

Last night, there was a blackout for like 2 hours or so. At first, we thought it was a jerk playing a prank by switching the power off from below then we realized the whole neighborhood is out of electricity. Shortly after that, we heard a weird noise coming from outside. My sister was jokingly saying maybe it's a bomb but we knew it was coming from the school near us. There must've been a glitch in the mic or something. The creepy sound continued for like 3 min which was really freaky. When the electricty was back on, I was thinking: this only happened for a short time and on top of that we already knew it will be back - imagine how those misrable people are living?! No lights, no houses, no electricty and for them, the 3 min creepy noises we heard, is real trouble. Something could drop and crush them to pieces. I wonder sometimes if there's more good or bad in this world.

By the way, that candle was a gift from a teacher in high school 11 years ago.

In other news, I totally forgot about my credit card until last month. When I was making a purchase online I was getting an error message that my card is invalid. I tried to check it online through their site nothing happened. So, I went to the bank and they weren't helpful either. The lady was about to request another one and I was like (Whoa! No! I paid for this!) She just gave me a number to call and was in a rush since it was closing time. The card is brand new yet it's not working ... this is so frustrating. I'm not getting another one, either they give me a refund or fix this one.

2017 meme

My sisters are talking so loudly that they aren't letting me foucs on writing this.
Anyway, I got this meme from aery & kathish - my plans for 2017 and stuff.

No automatic alt text available.

1. Will you be looking for a new job?
No! Thanks to the new rule here, jobs became illegal for foreigners.
No point in going on a job hunt, I'm gonna stick with my online marketing.

2. Will you be looking for a new relationship?
No, I'm so not stable right now.

3. New house?
We already moved to a new one 3 months ago.

4. What will you do different in 2017?
How I keep track of my tasks (BuJo) and the way I relax.

5. New Year's Resolution?
The same as before, just added one more goal related to earning.

6. What will you not be doing in 2017?
Rushing, panicking and overwhelming. They will happen but I will try to avoid.

7. Any trips planned?
I am going on a trip but it was not planned.
My sister was suppose to go but she's sending me with mom instead.

8. Wedding plans?
No, like I said before, I'm not stable or mentally ready.
If I'm honest, I'll say wedding isn't for someone like me at my current state.
It will be just a burden instead of a happy thing.

9. Major thing on your calendar?
Major things for me just happen, I almost never plan them.

10. What can’t you wait for?
Reaching 10K in my instagram. I'm more than half way there.

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LiveJournal's 6th Anniversary

*This is how I received the new year, by doing a pilates workout .... at 1 after midnight!!! ..Yeah! It&apos;s another sleepless night for me 😑 #2017 #happynewyear

This is how I welcomed the new year today. It was another sleepless night for me so I was doing Hip Hop Cardio and Weightless Arms Workout with Cassey .... at 1 after midnight!!! It felt really good to be sore after all these time. You see, I was going easy in the last 2 months but now it's back to beast mood again.

I'm trying something different this year called the Bullet Journal. Like all the wonderful ideas I got from, printerest introduced me to this when I was searching for scrap book. I read a lot of people benefited from it. I only do a simple chart for my daily routine and thought I could use an update. Beside, I love trying new things. It's similar to to-do list but more advanced. Instead of writing my resolutions here, I'll review them at the end of the year, for now they are just written in my bullet journal.

As always, the beginning of the year is an anniversary for my journal. Today it has turned 6 years - of writing, sharing, reading, happiness, surprise and sorrow too. Thank you for being a friend, reading my stories and motivating me to go on. May we keep on encouraging each other and happy new year =)

2016 Rewind

The weather feels warm all of a sudden, even though it was freezing cold just yesterday.

Last night I was up all night talking with my sister and slept at sun rise. I woke up at 12 in the afternoon, talked again then slept from 2 until 6 pm. Now that's a messed up sleeping hours but I actually needed that. Anyhow, just like last year, I'll write a post about how my 2016 went with all the events that happened and how much I kept up with my resolutions.

I must say that as every year gets more complicated, I too learn a lot of stuff, get stronger and discover new things. The moving to a new house was probably the biggest highlight of 2016. At the beginning of the year things were going straight but the middle was a chaos and now as we are heading toward the end things are falling into order again. Despite all the surprises, we were able to go to all the events as well planned: Janadriyah festival, Spring festival, World Luxury Expo, Landmark park hangout, Travel & Tourism Exhibition, Sports Exhibition, Zai's Shabaniyah, Malaz Park hangout, Coffee & Chocolate Exhibition. Among the new things that happened this year was; getting my credit card (which I haven't used until now) and trying an online marketing.

My ResolutionsCollapse )

Okay, that is it. There's bitter, there's sweetness and sour too. So, I'll say it was a good year after all.
Happy holidays everyone =)

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Please be as friendly as this place cause nobody wants to deal with any annoying stuff. We're here for fun, so join in the conversation & enjoy ♥

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