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[sticky post] Yo Visitor! Many Welcomes to My Place ♥

Hey there! how's it going?!

Glad that you dropped by my journal. I'm Azuma-chan, a simple bright nerd. I write about my life's events to caputer unforgetable moments and record my progress in learning. Even though it's not locked, you can add me to keep up with my entries. If we have the same interests please add me and I'll add you back right away. Promise! Whether we are alike or not I'll be glad if you answer these questions cause honestly hearing from people is all about fun:

* How did you find your way to my journal?!
* If you're adding me, what is the thing we share in common?! or,
can you mention the thing that got you interested in me?!

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"The less you give a damn the happier you will be!"
Smile people! Life is way too short to waste on not-worth-it stuff! 
Just go crazy bananas and enjoy yourself

Take care everyone

#19 Top Reviewers

Oh dear. This month was crazy. Hardly had any time to sit down and write.

Anyway, this is a short post just to keep this place updated. I'm already checking on my friends list. Was busy with reading and just yesterday finished the challenge for this month one week earlier before June ends. Maurice's gentleman burglar Lupin was an awesome serial. I'm so glad that I picked it up. The last books that I read are ...

1. The Eight Strokes of the Clock - 5 stars
2. The Crystal Stopper - 5 stars
3. The Hollow Needle - 3 stars
Cause I didn't like Sherlocks part, again!
4. The Confessions of Arsene Lupin - 5 stars

When I was updating my last reading, I saw this number in my profile and when I looked it up, I was listed as one of the top 20 reviewers in KSA. I was so surprised! I mean, I read just for fun and to challenge myself but I didn't know I'm actually making a progress with others as well. It's like a competition where I got motivated to keep on going.

6th Book

Sis treated us to some awesome mini cheese cakes cause she was in a mood of having some sweets.
These are one of the best and they smell amazing <3 <3 <3

•و حلانا اليوم من كلك حلى 🍰#شيز_كيك

•لا يفوتكم عروضهم الهايلة حق رمضان 👍🏻 #كلك_حلى

The Secret of Sarek
And we continue with Arsene Lupin!!! I know that I'm posting a lot about my reading challenge, but I can't help it. I'm spending a lot of time reading and enjoying myself. These picks are excellent, almost all of them ended in my favorite. The first one was just a bad choice. The Secret of Sarek is the most extraordinary book I read from Maurice. The adventure, the torture, the legend, the hidden treasure and hideous crimes. How a single woman went through a lot and saw miracles. It felt like a supernatural story at first but had a logical ending. This isn't where Lupin is usually found. The cities and fancy places are more of his liking. When I finished more than the half of the book, I thought this wasn't he's story. He came shortly at the end for some explanations, and a little rescue. Lots of unexpected events and surprises. I disliked the long detours to be honest, but enjoyed the rest nonetheless. I felt that no matter how hard and close to doom one may be, if they have faith and believe, they can move forward.

Another Book And a Gift

My phone was shut down and when I tried to turn it on, it only shows the Samsung logo and keeps on restarting from that point over and over again without opening. I took it to the store to see what's wrong. I was thinking, maybe it's the bettery again but it turns out the problem is from the phone itself and it will coat me 250 SR. I didn't fix it since this is an old one already. I couldn't afford a new phone so my brother gave this to me when he got a new one. It lasted for a year. I didn't even waste any feeling of sadness over it cause I still had my Samsung tab and thought of using it till I get a new one. But this morning when I woke up, my sisters surprised me with a new phone from souq. I felt grateful and guilty in the same time. I already know how hard it was for them to earn money, yet they sensed how badly I needed one and thought it's about time. It's kinda funny that until now all the phones I had were never originally mine. The first 2 Nokia phones were from sister and mom. Sony was from my yonger sister. Samsung was from my brother. And now, the currect one is from both of them.

•This morning, my sisters surprised me with a gift 🎁💔😱...اليوم الصباح خواتي فجأوني بهدية 😭💔 #سوق

In my reading challenge, I finished another book. The Extraordinary Adventures Of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar. It was fantastic. The Sherlock Holmes crossover was way better than the previous one I read. It was everything I wanted. The book consisted of 9 stories where Lupin disguises himself as different characters from policeman, to detective, to an innocent citizen to an artist. In the last story, Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late. His name wasn't change, I'm guessing it was his first appearance in Maurice Leblanc's book before the copyright issue. I liked how they met each other the first time. Lupin's reaction was better than the second time he met him. Holmes acted just like the English detective he is and the thief showed that he's not less clever than he is. Too bad it was a short one but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Also, LOVED his friendship with detective Ganimard.

Lupin Disappointed Me!!! [Book Review]

When I finished reading Arsene Lupin and thought of reading more about him, Herlock Sholmes Vs. Arsene Lupin was the first thing in my mind. I was so looking forward to a story where the famous English detective meets the gentleman burglar. But the book didn't meet my expectations.

There were 2 stories in there. The Blond Lady and The Jewish Lamp. The last one was shorter than the first one. I thought there will be a great mystery, Sholmes is already ahead of Lupin and despite everything, the thief makes his escape at the end. But it wasn't like that. I felt that the author made the detective lose his tamper and fall the traps easily just to make Lupin shine bright. Then there's Wilson who has very little part in the story and was kinda weak? I can't really tell if they are made that way cause I actully didn't read any of their adventures yet. I only know about Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Joseph Muller.

Still, there was some odd things like - how come the blond lady is the one who loves Lupin. What happened to Sonia?!
Germaine's maid. And where are his friends from the first book?! how come they aren't working with him?!
Beside all that, it was a fun reading just like any other
mystery/detective one. 3 stars out of 5.

Bullet Journal Again!

•Hello June 🎊This month I&apos;m putting my caution aside and going a little crazy with my #bulletjournal

I'm hoping to do better in June. This time, I put my caution aside and went a little crazy with my journal. My sister showed me a video explaining what BuJo is, and at the end they said (Don't be afraid to try new things) That's what I was until now. So, I left the same old theme behind, and tried anything that came to my mind. Even if it didn't end well, at least I tried something new.

•A bigger calender this time to fill the events

A bigger calender this time to write down special events for each day.
And there's the (reading challenge completed) in May's date.

•هالشهر راح ارجع للكتب الانجليزية المترجمة من لغة اجنبية. اختيار يوليو سلسلة ارسن لوبين اللص الفرنسي الراقي و هذولا الكتب اللي اخترتهم حق الوقت المتاح ...#تحدي #قراءة #كتب #ارسن_لوبين...This month will be for #Arsenelupin and these are my picks #bulletjournal #reading #book

This month is dedicated to Arsene Lupin and these are my picks.
I'm reading Arsene Lupin vs Herlock Sholmes right now, 35% done.

•And lastly anf morning and evening routine #bulletjournal

My routine page, I decided to add the evening too

*انا رمضاني فعليا راح يبدا من شهر جون (يوليو) لان ساعتي البيولوجية مرتبطة مع التقويم الميلادي. #bulletjournal #lantern

One of the things I picked from Bullet journaling is doodling/drawing. I just realized I enjoy doing it.
Since it's a holy month over here and people are putting lanterns and decorations, I thought of drawing this.

Good and Bad

I rarely have dreams, and when I do they are really odd.

I dreamed that I was with my sister in a hug fancy place (abroad). It felt more like a shopping center or something. The roof was made of glass and the sun rays were coming through it. I think we were exploring there, then took the lift to go up. The thing was speeding madly, then all of a suddent it stopped and went down even faster. In a sec we realized, the thing that hold it broke or cut and now we will meet our end!!! While everyone were screaming I just closed my eyes, then all of sudden, it stopped falling! When I opened my eyes I saw a guy (a super guy) was holding the lift from outside and maybe was the one who opened it to get the people out.

Beside that, I'm so excited for CARS 3

CARS is one of my favorite movies. Disney always knows how to take something ordinary and make it interesting. CARS 2 was even better than the first one and when I heard they are gonna make a third one last year, I was flying in joy. I just saw the trailer yesterday, and it's nothing less than the first two movies. I remember when I saw the teaser, some people were saying theories about his death. LOL! What's the point of making another movie when the main character isn't there anymore?!

Regarding May, I failed on all the goals I set!

I'm kinda disappointed with that. Every month, I set 4 simple goals to accomplish by the end. March and April were going great and I improved a lot since then. But this time, I messed up. It's back to baby steps again starting from June. I learned that when I get overwhelmed, it works best to stop everything and start from square one. If I push myself, things get even uglier without any result.

On the other hand, there were some amazing things too. First, I read 7 books this month. It's a good number considering that I didn't read everyday and was taking my time with these. Also, I finished my reading challenge yesterday. 25 books out of 25. I'm done already. Wohoo. I mean, it's not mid year yet and I was able to accomplish one of my resolutions for 2017. From here, I'll see how many books I can finish more. Second, I just reached 40K followers in instagram. At the beginning of the month, I did a memo where I wrote (I'm looking forward to reach 10K in my instagram account) and now I topped that goal already. I'm hoping to reach the second goal even faster.

It's Been More than a Year

My anti-virus expired in April and when I activated it again last week, it was pointless.

When I asked the guy why the ads are still appearing while browsing despite having the anti-virus, he said cause they went to the roots already but it's okay now since you have the protection. I didn't like that, I didn't like it more when he said I have to format the whole thing for those annoying ads to disappear. I knew I had to start from the beginning. Now I have to go through a long process to have a clean laptop.

Here's a quick shot of my recent work with felt. I say quick cause this isn't my style when I take photos of my works (they take longer time and some editting) Oh, this isn't my idea, it was a custom order. Heero and I were school mates. We didn't talk much when we were in school (same grade but different class). Once we finished high school, everyone added each other on facebook. Her younger sister added me as well cause she wanted to see my works. At the beginning of this month, I got a message from Heero saying she wants me to make these for her little sister cause she admires my work a lot. It was an easy task, specially since it's a flat work not 3D like what I do.
My craft ...Collapse )


Around 2 years ago, I met laralbagoury here.

A kind-hearted girl who shares lots of common things with me. She introduced Goodreads, mood+reader and got me back to reading. We were doing reading challenges since late year and she is my biggest motivation. Always knows how to make me smile and full of suprises. I enjoy talking with her and reading her long messages. Whenever I tell her about a problem or a project I'm thinking of, she'll do searches and help me anyway she can.

Sarah, my dearest. I wish you nothing but happiness, health and wealth in your coming years.
May you have a blast today and enjoy it to the fullest.


I'm having strange feelings these days.

One time I feel like I can conquer the world and do absolutely anything. Success is so near, I'm only one step away, glory is waiting for me just behind the door. Then, in the next day I'm like, oh! Why bother!? It's all the same no matter what. Might as well take a rest instead of doing things without any results. And at night, it's that annoying problem again.

Can't sleep because of thinking.

Why do I think when I know it will not change anything. But it's the concern that keeps me up. I try to stay away from the screens before bed. But that's not helping much this time. There's another screen in my brain showing me what will happen in the future and it's ridiculous. Kinda like the one in Inside Out. Haha! Seriously though, the moodiness and not having enough sleep making me finish my tasks slowly. I'm strict with my routine. Even if I slept for only couple of hours, I'll wake up on time. Which is why I'm sleeping less lately.   

Join Me in My Journeys

Call me Asma. Learning many things & keeping this journal as a memory to my starts. I'm writing to share my experience with like-mind people & clear my thoughts.

Please be as friendly as this place cause nobody wants to deal with any annoying stuff. We're here for fun, so join in the conversation & enjoy ♥

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